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Website Creation At It's Best.

At Dango Web Solutions we create stunning websites from templates that are extremely customizable and comes with tons of cool addons!

What We've Created So Far

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Matrix Development

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He seems sinking under the evidence could not only grieve and a visit. The father is to bless and placed in his length hid...

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Website Creation Pricing

Our pricing is meant to fit every Budget. There is a $0.60 fee for every transfer to cover the PayPal fees.

Name Price Theme Plugins CDN Deploys
💰 Free


Free Free 0 Public
🏆 Paid


Premium Premium 0 Public
💎 Moderate


Premium Premium 1 Public
👑 Dedicated


Downloadable All Built-In Private

Web Hosting Pricing

Host your website on our servers. Our CDNs make sure that your files load in 5 seconds or less.

Name Price Disk Space Email Accounts Accounts Bandwidth Domains SSH
💰 Basic


10 GB 10 3 200 GB 5 No
🏆 Gold


15 GB 20 6 ∞ GB 5 No
💎 Diamond


∞ GB 50 10 ∞ GB Yes
👑 Platinum


∞ GB Yes

Bot Hosting Pricing

Host your Discord Bot on our 24/7 servers. We use the same platform most devs use to make their bots!

Name Price Version
🤖 Basic


v2 (23/7)
🤖 Basic


v2 (24/7)
🤖 Basic


🤖 Basic



Smart CDN

Premium CDNs will load your website up to 10x faster! Available for free with the Dedicated and Diamond Plans.

                  & More

Dango Static


✨ Uses Smart CDN

Not Sure Where to Start?

Read our Documentation and learn how to get started with Dango Web Solutions!